• Monte Rosa is a beautiful Victorian double storey building that was built in 1885.
  • Our corner stone reads: "Jehovah Jireh", meaning God will Provide.
  • We offer accommodation to 111 frail and elderly people.
  • The building mostly consists of single rooms and double rooms for couples. In each room is a build-in cupboard, a hand basin and the residents share communal bath and shower facilities which are easily accessible.
  • We also have 3 flats that are sold on a "Life Right" basis.
  • Our home is safe and secured and it is a real "home" where service with love and compassion is a priority.



  • Monte Rosa is a proud BADISA (Christian Compassion) Old Age Home.
  • We have a Board of Management (volunteers) with members from the community, churches and businesses.
  • The Manager reports directly to the Board of Management.
  • The staff is Monte Rosa's biggest asset regarding service delivery.
  • The housekeeping, catering and laundry services are currently contracted to Feedem Pitseng Co.